Many types of technologies are used in secured area. When selecting the right security technology, it is especially important to realize what, when and how to be informed, and especially what and who will inm case of burglary.

Alarm system for reporting the disruption (PSN)

The the central office are attached (cables or wirelessly), multiple types of sensors, which after the evaluation of “incorrect” status signal sent to the central office, which this central office evaluated by a programmed process of implementing a pre-stored activity – eg. turn on the siren, beacon or sends a signal to the alarm registration center (SRP), which subsequently sends a patrol vehicle on disturbed object.

Basic types of sensors:

  • sensor of the movement – disruption of area,
  • temperature sensor, smoke, gas, water, shock, breakage/cutting glass,
  • PANIC button to manually activate the alarm and call for help (SRO),
  • magnetic switch that detects the disconnection, for example, open the door.

In the case, that you would like to insure property against theft, insurance company in calculation of premiums takes into account among other things, whether on the object is installed alarm system and also, if the alarm has been installed by a specialized company. In this case the insurance payment will definitely come out cheaper.

­Elektronic fire alert (EPS)

It works on the same principle as above mentioned PSN, but it doesn ́t allow attachment of various other types of sensors. Parameters techniques as well as installation are by legislation clearly defined and strictly controlled.

­Entrance and attendance systems

In terms of safety, a devices that allow to verify the eligibility of entering whether in terms of people, time, or space, and then according to a predetermined program either allows or don ́t allow to enter (doors, gates, turnstiles).

By type also enable the transfer and archiving of data and different ways of subsequent processing, for example. materials for wages, working time and the overtimes from that, statistics according to various criteria – transitions in and out, the number of door openings etc. Today the basic data carrier, is the evaluation central office (PC) and storage chip, which in the majority of cases is assigned to a specific person. The data chip can be replaced, supplemented by various biodata scanner,
for example fingerprint, images of the eye lens, SSB lock operating on the principle of knowledge of voice, and the voice belonging formulas, etc.

Properly chosen combination of vidomonitoring, PSN, PCO and input systems can ensure effective security system that does not require the presence of permanent guard.