You do not need to use expensive workforce to manage and protect the building. By combining the right technology and remote supervision from a supplier's operating center, you can fully replace many of your employees' work for a fraction of their cost.

Nonstop monitoring center and patrol vehicles

When we talk about the term alarm signal, it is not necessary related with a physical disturbance as a burglary or a theft. Alarm signal may refer to whatever undesirable situation or undesirable condition of some technical equipment. Existence of a nonstop monitoring center allows you to have under control various scale of technologies (e.g. temperature, pressure, water flow, atmospheric gases, error states of various technologies, etc.)

In case of any undesirable situation, the operators from our monitoring center will execute the arrangements according agreement with the client, whether it is to notify the authorized person or to provide the remedy itself. If necessary, there are also patrol vehicles available that can be trained to intervene immediately on site. 

The existence of a non-stop service is considered as a competitive advantage for any kind of business. To provide the customers with the opportunity to address their requests to responsible people or to have non-stop supervision of the functioning of any technology is an irreplaceable benefit. However, the operation of nonstop monitoring center in its own direction is not only a financial but also organizational burden for the entrepreneur. Therefore the possibility of its subcontracting is a much more effective alternative. This service is a great financial savings for the entrepreneur – it either saves expenses for a physical check on site or saves expenses for operating their own nonstop monitoring center.


  • Call center (hotline)
  • Monitoring of condition of some technical equipment
  • Collection, analysing and filtering of requests / signals
  • Patrol vehicles