The main function of alarm receiving center is to receive signals from the monitored areas and in case of alarm signal, to verify it and to dispatch the patrol vehicle. The patrol vehicle ensures the affected area and performs other tasks under the agreement with the customer and legislation.


SECURITON currently operates alarm receiving center with more than 1,500 connected and monitored premises. The customer service is provided at the highest quality level.

Technological infrastucture:

The Securiton‘s monitoring center underwent a complete reconstruction in 2019, which ensure providing of the service using the most advanced technologies on the market.

Technological infrastructure of our monitoring center is one of our competitive advantages. Besides constant technological innovations, we invest significant amount of financial resources into backup solutions, thanks which we are able to guarantee the level of our services and its continuity, even in case of possible technical failures and software outages.
– Diesel generator and UPC
– Backup server for receiving technology (cloud + backup on-premise)
– Private independent radio communication
– Guaranteed internet connection
– Nonstop IT support

Receiving following signals:

  • ­- alarm signal
  • ­- disruption of broadcasting equipment
  • ­- power outage
  • ­- sabotage
  • ­- fire
  • ­- tatus of battery backup
  • ­- other technical signal according to the installed technology

Signal transmission:

Wireless broadcasting equipment
IP communication
– We operate our own radio network based on cellular system, which dramatically increase the security of data transmission and it is the safest way of signal transmission
IoT – we are the only company in Slovakia which is able to receive signals from IoT sensors to the security monitoring technology

The combination increases safety of signal transmission while minimizing the possibility of using easy available GSM signal jammers.


Without further specification of the premises, it is not possible to provide quotation for monitoring services. The exact calculation of initial investment and also cost of regular monitoring will be prepared and customized by our sales staff free of charge – contact.

Securiton_Pult centralnej ochrany

We operate with the highest number of patrol vehicles in Slovakia

  • Vehicles are equipped with a GPS system that allows the operator to activate the nearest patrol vehicles from disrupted premises and by using digitized maps to navigate them to the premises as soon as possible
  • Using of motorcycles significantly shortens the time of arrival of the patrol vehicle to disturbed premises
  • Deployment of patrol vehicles covers the whole territory of Bratislava and its suburbs
  • Providing the services for premises located outside of Bratislava, we cooperate with other local security companies, which dispatch their local patrol vehicles. They perform the service according our instructions with our unified methodology. We perform regular testing of these companies. Our operation is coordinated so that the customer has only one partner – the company Securiton