System failures or exceeding certain level of variables can cause considerable damage to many companies, especially in cases where they do not respond immediately. Thanks to this service, these technologies are under constant supervision and so we are able to prevent various hazard that could jeopardize the client’s business (flood, overheating of the server room, power outage, technology shortcut, etc.)

Technologický dohľad

Advantage is that these services do not create extra operating costs for customer, only an initial investment in the devices is required.
We are able to monitor and remotely control any other technologies related with management of the building:

  • temperature
  • pressure
  • water flow
  • presence of gases in the air
  • parking technologies
  • intensity of sound
  • GPS systems
  • elevators
  • IT infrastructure
  • functionality of elevators, diesel generator, production line and any other technical facilities

When receiving the alarm signal from these technologies (e.g. exceeding the permitted value or occurrence of technology failure)
the operators will take measures according to the agreement with the client. It could be either informing the authorized person or ensuring the repair.
Trained patrol vehicles are also available, which can be immediately intervened on site.

Possibility of analyzing data and reports.


This service is usually combined with remote vidomonitoring and remote operation.

By combination of these services, we are able to provide comprehensive service of remote protection and operation, which allows to substitute security guards and thus to significantly save the client’s operational costs.

Thanks to this combination of services, the customer is confident that his premises is under control not only in terms of protection against theft, but also against various events that could jeopardize his business (flood, server room overheating, power cut, technology failure etc.). At the same time, it allows us to remotely manage and control any technology, according to predetermined rules (e.g. to allow access for dustmen or goods courier into premises, while the preformation of their duties is monitored)