We consider remote video-monitoring as the future of security service - many of our customers already use this service, either partially or completely, by replacing the physical security guard service. This solution significantly reduces the monthly costs of the client.


The term video-monitoring is still viewed simply by transfer of image to the monitoring room and the need for continuous monitoring. However the technology of remote video-monitoring is now working on fully automated processes and in combination with other security technology (alarm) it does not require the constant attention of operators – the need for performing an action is alerted by alarm.

The technology is also suitable for the protection of exterior i.e. in places with high risk of false alarms (ie. the movement of trees, crossing birds or domestic animal movement). It is eliminating the unnecessary trips of patrol vehicles.

Examples of usage:

  • opening of the ramp allows arrival/departure of vehicles to/from the property
  • switching of the lights on
  • triggering of the warning systems (siren)
  • remote locking/unlocking of electric locks, etc

The technique consists of terminal equipment (cameras), which can be connected to the controller. Our technicians will be glad to propose you a camera system according to your needs and requirements –