The term video-monitoring is still being misunderstood and many companies perceive it simple as transferring of image to the monitoring center with the need for its constant monitoring. However, the technology of remote video-monitoring is now working on fully automated processes, thanks which it is considered to be a future of security services.


After receiving alarm signal (primary technology) the operators check the situation by playing the security camera recording (secondary technology). Thanks to this they are able to review if there is a need for dispatching of patrol vehicle or not.


The technology is particularly suitable for the protection of premises with the high risk of false alarms (for example the exterior – movement of trees, crossing birds or domestic animal movement) or the premises with authorized motion (for example administrative building – employees, or apartment houses – residents).
Thanks to camera recording we are able to identify the cause of the alarm signal and thus eliminate unfounded patrol vehicle dispatching.


This service is usually combined with technology monitoring and remote operation.

By combination of these services, we are able to provide comprehensive service of remote protection and operation, which allows to substitute security guards and thus to significantly save the client’s operational costs.

Thanks to this combination of services, the customer is confident that his premises is under control not only in terms of protection against theft, but also against various events that could jeopardize his business (flood, server room overheating, power cut, technology failure etc.). At the same time, it allows us to remotely manage and control any technology, according to predetermined rules (e.g. to allow access for dustmen or goods courier into premises, while the preformation of their duties is monitored)

The technologies which are necessary for providing these services is usually surveillance system, CCTV system, fire detection system and access control system. These can be supplemented by additional systems as communication systems (e.g. intercom), parking system or technologies enabling remote control of electrical equipment. Our technicians will design the entire system according to customer’s needs and requirements – Installation and service of technology.