The main function of alarm receiving center (ARC) is to receive signals from the monitored areas. When the alarm signal is triggered and received, the operators will verify it and they will dispatch the patrol vehicle. The patrol vehicle crew will secure the affected area and perform other tasks under the agreement with the customer and legislation.


  • We use the most modern GPS system enabling a direct connection between operators and patrol vehicle crew. The operator can thus activate the patrol vehicle that is closest to the disturbed area, taking into account not only the distance, but also the traffic situation.
  • The nearest vehicle is automatically navigated to the area using a digitized map, which can reduce the arrival time to a minimum.
  • We use also patrol motorcycles during the season, which are faster than patrol cars.


Securiton currently operates the alarm receiving center with the highest number of connected objects (approx. 2,000) in Slovakia, while monitoring, intervention and service are provided at the highest quality level. It is part of the most modern monitoring center on the market, where, in addition to constantly innovating services, great emphasis is also placed on backup solutions. Thanks to this, it is possible to guarantee the level and continuity of services even in the event of potential technical failures or system outages.

We do have:

  • Professional diesel generator and UPS – it will ensure the protection of your building even in the event of a power outage
  • Backup server of the ARC receiving technology (cloud + local) – it will ensure the protection of your building even in the event of a failure of the monitoring software or server
  • Independent private radio network – speed and security of communication
  • Guaranteed internet connection
  • Nonstop IT support


Information security and cyber-attacks are increasingly discussed topics that define new threats for the field of buildings and property security as well. SECURITON has therefore developed its own PROTON transmission device, which, compared to commonly used commercial communicators, is particularly characterized by:


  • signal transmission security – uses encrypted communication via VPN
  • duplication of transmission paths – enables the use of a combination of several transmission paths, which minimizes the risk of not transferring an alarm signal (e.g. easily accessible signal jammers). We use communications: e.g. private independent cellular radio communication, IP, GPRS, IoT
  • prevention – in addition to the disruption of the building, we monitor also events that may indicate a certain security threat and react to them preventively (loss of connection, sabotage, power failure, reduction of battery power, etc.)
  • two-way communication – enables not only monitoring, but also remote control of technologies without the need of any additional hardware
  • quality of execution and certified components – a matter of course is e.g. accumulator, which will ensure constant monitoring even in case of power outage
  • universality and variability – it enables the integration of practically any communication protocol, thanks to which it is possible to monitor (and control) various technologies – technological monitoring


Without further specification of the premises, it is not possible to provide quotation for monitoring services. The exact calculation of initial investment and also cost of regular monitoring will be prepared and customized by our sales staff free of charge – contact.


  1. Interest in using services (ARC connection) – Contact us
  2. Assessment of technical readiness in relation to the scope of required services. If necessary, we design the addition of the technology or we use the existing security system
  3. Technical involvement of technology in ARC
  4. Customer training, premises familiarization by emergency vehicles crews, creation of an intervention plan
  5. Configuration of the object in the ARC system, data and instructions administration
  6. Start of monitoring