There are many types of technology which are used in the field of security. Choosing the right security technologies requires risk analysis, solution design and implementation. Thanks to many years of experience, we can evaluate which security system or combination of solutions will make the most sense to you. We will also provide not only professional installation, but also warranty and post-warranty maintenance.


How does it work

Several types of sensors are connected to the control panel (wired or wireless), which send an alarm signal to the control panel after identification of the “incorrect” state. The control panel evaluates it and implements pre-stored activities according to the programmed procedure – e.g. turns on the siren, beacon or sends a signal to the alarm receiving center, which will dispatch the patrol vehicle to the disturbed premises. Some types of control panels can switch electrical circuits based on programmed procedures, e.g. turn on the light, close the electric gate, and so on.

Basic types of sensors:


  • motion sensor
  • temperature, smoke, gas, water, shock, glass breakage sensors
  • panic button to manually trigger an alarm and call for help (alarm recieving center)
  • a magnetic contact that detects disconnection, e.g. opening the door


In case you would like to insure the property against theft, the insurance company takes into account, among other things, whether a security system is installed in the building and whether this security system was installed by a specialized company when calculating the amount of the insurance payment. In this case, your insurance payment will definitely be cheaper.


In nowadays, there is a wide range of camera systems – a number of types, a number of technical parameters, a number of functionalities. Complete camera systems enable recording, remote image transmission, but with the connection to other intelligent software, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Choosing the right camera system requires a number of factors. Our experienced technicians will design a customized camera system after inspecting the building and thorough analysis.


AI boxes allow to transform an ordinary passive IP camera into a tool for detecting unauthorized movement or even advanced video analysis. They are thus, among other things, capable of replacing conventional technologies (e.g. motion sensors), which are usually added to camera systems for detection purposes. Although conventional technologies are reliable, the rate of false positive alarms is very high (especially in exteriors) and the selection is limited. Thanks to the artificial intelligence in the AI boxes, it is possible to precisely define the monitored area, the type of object / person or their behavior, which should be evaluated as a genuine alarm. In addition to security purposes, they also serve as a means of creating analyzes and statistics. The advantage is also the less demanding installation of the security system as a whole.


The market offers a countless IoT (Internet of Things) sensors with a wide range of uses, from industry, through logistics, agriculture, energy to smart homes and smart cities. These wireless devices are characterized by their low purchase and operating cost, low energy consumption and long battery life. In addition, they are connected with very high transmission security, so they are more than suitable for our purposes.


  • panic button
  • flood sensor
  • electronic seal
  • magnetic contact
  • acceleration sensor with GPS


Securiton has participated in the development of a software platform that allows the reception of alarm signals from IoT devices directly into the alarm receiving technology, with no need to add special communicators.


It works on a similar principle as intrusion alarm system, but does not allow you to connect various other types of sensors. The parameters of the technology as well as the installation are precisely defined by the legislation and strictly controlled.


These devices allow you to verify the legitimacy of entry from several perspectives – person, time or space. According the predetermined program, they either allow or do not allow to entry the premises (door, barrier, turnstile).

Depending on the type, they also enable the transmission and archiving of data and various methods of subsequent processing (wage documents, hours worked, overtime, number of door openings, etc.)


​The data is evaluated in controller (computer) and a data chip can be replaced or supplemented with a scanner of various biodata (fingerprint, eye lens image, voice recognition, etc.)


Thanks to suitably designed parking system, it is possible to control and restrict the entry of vehicles into the particular areas.


The parking system can be operated either only for internal purposes (entry only for authorized vehicles) or also for commercial use (payment for parking).


The recognition of license plates is a matter of course.


Besides remote control of parking systems and remote communication, SECURITON monitoring services enables also to receive of technical signals from parking systems and the subsequent execution of measures (fault correction, replenishment of parking tickets, replenishment of coins, etc.)


Thanks the right combination of SECURITON monitoring services with the video systems, intrusion alarm system, access control systems and parking systems creates the effective security of premises, which does not require the presence of a permanent guard service.