Supervision of the parking lot

We provide a wide range of services for parking lots, from security in the form of videomonitoring, technological monitoring and remote operation service, dispatching to various maintenance services provided by our patrol vehicles. The most common customer needs covered by these services:

Protection of the cash register from intruders and control of compliance with the order

Monitoring and verification of attempts to rob an automatic cash register and cases of vandalism. After receiving alarm signal our operators takes respective action according the character of given signal, in this case the most often by checking the camera records or directly by dispatching the nearest patrol vehicle. By carrying out regular virtual camera tours, the control of the premises and compliance with the operating procedure is ensured.

Parking lot service (private or commercial with payment mode)

Remote entry and exit of selected vehicles (e.g. service worker, waste removal, import of goods, etc.) outside the automated system, collision resolution and system malfunctions, communication with entering people and their assistance, navigation, or verification.

obslužné technológie pre parkoviská
kamerové systémy pre parkoviská

Supervision of the functionality of parking technology and service operations

Parking technology requires continuous control, which ensures an immediate reaction in case of a certain malfunction occurance or threshold value exceeding. (e.g. jammed paper, jammed ramp, missing coins, toner or papers, etc.). After receiving alarm signal our operators takes respective action according the character of given signal, whether it is the activation of a service technician, the remote execution of certain operations or the dispatch of a SECURITON patrol vehicle, which, according to training, can perform simple service operations (replenish paper, repair the ramp, etc.)

Data collection and evaluation

By using appropriate technology, it is possible to monitor the legality of parking a specific vehicle at a specific parking spot, check the length of parking, and also collect and evaluate many other statistical data, thanks to which it is subsequently possible to take appropriate strategic decisions.