Supervision of self-service technologies

For self-service technologies, we provide technological monitoring and remote operation services, dispatching services and also maintenance services by our patrol vehicles.

Each, even the simplest self-service technology, needs some remote supervision of functionality or remote assistance for its users. The operators of these technologies are thus faced with a costly and organizationally demanding task, which is connected with ensuring this constant service. SECURITON offers the option of subcontracting it for significantly lower costs. Thanks to our experienced operators and technological infrastructure, we can integrate and then supervise practically any technology and intelligent device.

Customer service and assistance

Communication with customers in the form of assistance and navigation, remote troubleshooting, remote control according to customer requirements, etc.

Supervision of technology functionality and ensuring service operations

Every technology require constant control, which ensures an immediate reaction in case of a certain malfunction occurance or threshold value exceeding. After receiving alarm signal our operators takes respective action according the character of given signal, whether it is the activation of a service technician, the remote execution of certain operations or the dispatch of a SECURITON patrol vehicle, which, according to training, can perform simple service operations (add paper to the printer, add coins, etc.)

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