Monitoring and security of business premises with exterior

The most widespread service for business premises with an exterior in terms of security is videomonitoring. If necessary, it can also be extended with technological monitoring and remote operation. The most common customer needs covered by these services:

Protection of common spaces from burglars

The connection of appropriate technologies to the SECURITON monitoring center enables to monitor the occurrence of security incidents, to verify them on camera footage and to adequately respond to them. It includes monitoring, for example: the movement of people in restricted areas, correct closing of doors, forced opening of doors, broken glass panels, sabotage, power outages, loss of connection, weak battery, etc.


After receiving alarm signal our operators takes respective action according the character of given signal, in this case the most often by checking the camera records or directly by dispatching the nearest patrol vehicle. The camera system is vital in this case, as there are a large number of elements in the exteriors that cause false alarms, and it is those that operators can eliminate by checking the records.

Fire or flood protection

Fire, or a flood can have devastating consequences and to minimize the damage it is necessary to intervene immediately, already in the initial phase.


After receiving alarm signal our operators takes respective action according the character of given signal, in this case the most often directly by dispatching the nearest patrol vehicle to check the occurrence of the alarm or by remotely closing the water supply to the building.

Managing remote access to the building and assistance for people

Remote entry and exit of selected persons into selected areas, based on their prior verification under the supervision of cameras (e.g. service worker, cleaning service, import of goods, waste removal, towing service, customer, etc.).

Using the remote communication via intercoms, video intercoms or speakers, it is of course possible to provide assistance or another form of navigation for entering persons in addition to verification.

The possibility of using a storage safe with remote control from the monitoring center, e.g. for taking over keys, documents, or other subjects.

Management of parking (private or commercial with payment mode)

Remote entry and exit of selected vehicles, solving collisions and system failures, communication via intercoms, assistance at the payment terminal, checking the amount of coins in the cash register, checking the amount of consumables (pads, papers, cards), etc.

Control of relevant technologies

Remote control of practically any electrical equipment and technology, either at regular intervals or based on a specific event. For example turning on the security system, turning on the lighting, closing the garage, blocking the photocell on the sliding door, etc.

Supervision of fire detection system functionality and daily inspections

Using the integration software and our nonstop service in the monitoring center, we can provide the necessary permanent service also in relation to the fire detection alarm system and the execution of mandatory daily inspections in accordance with the decree.

Supervision of HVAC, server room or technical room

Key technologies require constant control, which ensures an immediate reaction in case of a certain malfunction occurance or threshold value exceeding. Securiton’s specialized software platform makes it possible to integrate any technologies (from simple to highly sophisticated), to program the necessary alarm signals and define a specific operator procedure for them – whether it is the activation of a service technician or the direct execution of certain actions remotely. Thanks to this, 24/7 supervision of this technology is ensured, at a significantly lower cost compared to its physical control.