Monitoring and protection of offices, stores and commercial premises

The most widespread service for commercial premises in terms of security is the alarm receiving center. If necessary, it can be extended with other technological monitoring and remote operation services. The most common customer needs covered by these services:

Protection from a burglar

The connection of appropriate technologies to the SECURITON alarm receiving center allows monitoring the occurrence of security incidents and reacting to them immediately, e.g.: intrusion, opening of doors and windows, glass breakage, technology sabotage, power failure, loss of connection, weak battery, etc.


After receiving alarm signal our operators takes respective action according the character of given signal, in this case the most often by checking the camera records or directly by dispatching the nearest patrol vehicle.

Protection against unauthorized entry of employees and suppliers

In addition to financial resources and valuable technologies, office premises also include sensitive information, which posession in the wrong hands can cause even more damage than loss of property. The wrong hands do not necessarily mean only external intruders, but also persons who have the keys to the building (cleaning service, service technicians, unauthorized employees, etc.). It is therefore necessary to have a properly designed and maintained access control system connected to the security system, i.e. each employee is authorized to move only in restricted areas and only at restricted time. If someone violates the established rules, an alarm signal is generated in the SECURITON monitoring center, and operators will respond according to the established procedures, either by notifying the contact person or by directly dispatching the nearest patrol vehicles.

Fire or flood protection

Theft is not the only event that can significantly cripple your operation. Fire, or a flood can have devastating consequences and to minimize the damage it is necessary to intervene immediately in the initial phase.


After receiving alarm signal our operators takes respective action according the character of given signal, in this case the most often directly by dispatching the nearest patrol vehicle to check the occurrence of the alarm or by remotely closing the water supply to the building.

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Breakdowns of key technologies

Nowadays, every company uses dozens of technologies in its premises, which, despite their importance, are checked only very exceptionally, or even at all, and a persistent problem is often discovered only when it is too late. Predictive monitoring is key in this regard. It allows you to track error messages, trends or exceed certain limits, and react to them immediately, for example: air conditioning failure in the server room, backup failure, air conditioning failure, power blackout, internet failure, diesel generator failure, parking system failure, full drive, etc.