The ISO 9001:2009 quality management system and our own know-how, which we have been building for more than 30 years, help to maintain the high level of our security service.


We also monitor the performance of our own security staff:

Activity of security staff in guarded premises is constantly monitored and coordinated by so-called dispatching. Mutual communication proceeds via radio link and, if necessary, there is the possibility of:

  • reinforcement or substitution of guards
  • receiving emergency signals and consequently undertaking the right measures
  • notification of other forces (police, health service, etc.)

The dispatching team cooperates with the patrol vehicle teams, which performs regularly on site checks.

Use of modern guard touring system:

Our security staff uses the most modern ACTIVE GUARD device during tour system. It works on real-time basis, so if the guards does not complete planned tour on time, our operators from the monitoring center contact the guards and if there is not any

response they immediately dispatch the patrol vehicle to check them.

24/7 security manager’s availability:

All of our clients have a security manager assigned who is available 24/7 for dealing any unusual situations or client’s new requirements. Flexible approach and express reaction are something that are clients especially appreciate on our services.

Social aspect:

Our employees are always employed on fulltime contract and paid correctly with all social contributions, taxes and bonuses. This is unfortunately very rare in the security segment in Slovakia.

strážna služba SBS


As a result of technological progress, automatization and the increasing of labor costs on the other hand, SECURITON started to focus mainly on innovative solutions not only in field of security. These allows to provide services for significantly lower prices while even higher level of security in comparison with standard security guard services, which are in nowadays also still provided by SECURITON.


If the client does not want the permanent presence of security personnel or from economic point of view it is unbearable, there is possibility to use remote video monitoring or so-called sector.

Control- guard activity is performed at the agreed time and scope. Security guards arrive to the premises to perform agreed activities and in case of defects or disruptions they proceed according to the agreed rules. If the client does not require the presence of permanent security workers (for example from the economic reasons) and at the same time the risk of permanent absence of protection is acceptable, this service can be highly effective.