Protection and security of the family home

The most widespread service for family houses and apartments in terms of security is the alarm receiving center. If necessary, it can also be extended with technological monitoring and maintenance services. The most common customer needs covered by these services:

Protection from a burglar

The connection of appropriate technologies to the SECURITON alarm receiving center allows to monitor the occurrence of security incidents and to react to them immediately, e.g.: intrusion, opening of doors and windows, glass breakage, technology sabotage, power failure, loss of connection, weak battery, etc.


After receiving alarm signal our operators takes respective action according the character of given signal, for example in case of alarm signal connected with the protection they usually immediately dispatch the nearest patrol vehicles.


Using the division of spaces into separately codeable areas and creating the so-called night mode, it is possible to monitor selected security incidents even when the owner is present. In case the owner sense any danger, he is also able to call for theneareat patrol vehicle by manually pushing the panic button

Fire or flood protection

Fire or a flood can have devastating consequences and in order to minimize the damage it is necessary to intervene immediately in the initial phase.


By installing suitable technologies or autonomous sensors and by connecting them to the monitoring center, we can monitor the occurrence of fire, smoke, or floods. In the event of a flood, we can remotely shut off the water supply and immediately prevent the damage from expanding.

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