SECURITON currently operates alarm receiving center with containing more than 1,300 connected and monitored objects, while customer service is provided at the highest quality level.

Alarm receiving center

Security central station or alarm receiving center (PCO-SRP) – his main function is to receive signals from the monitored areas and in case of alarm signal, to verify and to dispatch the patrol vehicle. The patrol vehicle ensures the affected area and performs other tasks under the agreement with the customer and legislation.

Receiving following signals:

  • ­- alarm signal
  • ­- disruption of broadcasting equipment
  • ­- power outage
  • ­- sabotage
  • ­- fire
  • ­- tatus of battery backup
  • ­- other technical signal according to the installed technology

Receiving signals over the wireless broadcasting equipment, telephone communicator or IP communicator – the combination increases safety of signal transmission while minimizing the possibility of using easy available GSM signal jammers.


Price of connection to the security central station without further specification of the object cannot be determined unambiguously. The exact calculation of input and also charges for regular monitoring will prepare our sales staff free of charge – contact.




We dispose by the highest number of patrol vehicles in Slovakia

  • Equipped with a GPS system that allows the operator to activate the nearest patrol vehicles from disrupted object and by using digitized maps to guide them as soon as possible to the designated plac
  • Use of motorcycles significantly shortens the time of arrival of the patrol vehicle to disturbed object
  • Deployment, which covers the whole territory of Bratislava and its surroundings
  • In the cases of areas that are located outside Bratislava also we cooperate with other security companies, which on base of our instructions implement specific interventions – unified methodology. These cooperating companies we test regularly and mutual action is coordinated so that the customer has only one partner – the company Securiton