This service allows to replace many routine activities of security staff, doormen or janitors, which brings the customer significant financial savings.


Remote operation is performed by the operators from the monitoring center by switching electrical equipment in accordance with the agreement with the client – either in response to the received signal, at regular intervals or on request. Practically any technology can be remotely controlled, e.g.

  • access control system – doors, turnstiles etc.
  • security systems and CCTV systems
  • fire protection systems – regular daily inspections in accordance with the decree
  • ramps, gates, parking technologies
  • warning systems
  • lights
  • water flow, temperature, pressure, etc.
  • audio systems – warning speakers
  • any other electrical equipment


It is usually combined with video monitoring and technology monitoring services.

The combination of individual services will provide a comprehensive service of remote protection and service not only of simpler buildings, but also commercial buildings and premises, which allows you to replace the function of the physical guard service and significantly save the client’s operating costs. Thanks to the combination of these services, the customer can rely on the fact that he has his belongings under control not only in terms of protection against theft, but also against various unpleasant events that could jeopardize his business (flood, overheating of the server room, power outage, short circuit technology, etc. It also allows you to remotely manage and control any technology according to predefined rules.